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25 year old looking for apartment i Göteborg

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My name is Lisa Bjerre Handberg, I'm 25 years old, and moving to Göteborg to study at Performing Arts School for a three year degree in Musical Theatre. The semester starts 17/8, and I wish to move in between 15/7 and 15/8.
I'm a non-smoker, with no pets. I currently work in customer service at TV2 in Odense, Denmark, and have a very steady economy and savings. I have lived in a few different apartments for 6+ years, and I'm very organized and clean. I can give you references for past landlords and employers.
I understand most Swedish, so you can address me either in Swedish or English.

I'm looking for a small apartment for myself with a max hyra of 7.000 SEK. 
Alternatively a room in a shared apartment. 

I wish to be able to bicycle to school, so I want an apartment within 7 km of Frihamnen. This could be Göteborg Centralt, Öst, Vest, Syd & parts of Hisingen.

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