Lägenhet: 4 rum och kök. Redan uthyrd.
Adress: Sångspelsgatan, Göteborg


8500 kr

Antal rum:

4 RoK


100 m2


4 room apartment in Hisingen Backa (Brunsbo)
I am renting out my 4 bedroom apartment in Brunsbo that is in Backa Hasingin.
The rent is 8500 sek a month, 3 bedrooms 1 living room on the 4th floor. You can have the apartment with furnitures or without them, 1 year secondhand contract and a big possibility to take over the contract first hand after that.

I am asking for 3 month deposit and it will be available after the 1st of February.

please email me if you need more information and interested.

Lägenheten är redan borttagen från hyresvärdens hemsida.

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