Stora Gråbrödersgatan

Lägenhet: 1 rum och kök. Redan uthyrd.
Adress: Stora Gråbrödersgatan, Lund


3800 kr

Antal rum:

1 RoK


20 m2


Large room in central Lund
Room of about 20 m2 in a 4-room apartment available from the 1st of July and on. The rent is 3800 for the month of July, and from August and on the rent will be 4800, subsequently we are looking for someone who wants to stay for 1-2 months over the summer or someone who wants to move in long-term. In the rent - electricity, water, heat, internet, access to laundry room is included, i.e. no additional costs are added. The apartment is situated at Stora Gråbrödersgatan in the very heart of Lund, 5 minutes walk from the central station. The room is fully furnished and the adjacent kitchen has all necessities, with some additional cool equipment.
Taking the risk of sounding preposterous here (we are not irl of course), we feel that it is in everyones interest that we draw a little bit on our experiences from the stack of replies we have received when other rooms have been available, hence a few bullets to consider.

- First of all, the three of us that are behind the ad are living in the apartment. This means we are looking for somebody that adds to the social atmosphere, and if an applicant would describe her or his main personal qualities as smoke and pet free, good former references and likes to cook, that is not going to cut it.

- Second, we are currently three guys sharing the apartment, all of us are working and one of us is also a student. We dont have anything against students, especially if their fields of expertise add to our spheres of interests, but we are a little bit beyond nations, drinking games and decadence as primary source of recreation.

- Third, with the Lund housing market being as it is, and despite our attitude in this ad, we still expect a few replies. Please give a brief description of who you are, what youre about and if/when you would be able to take a look at the room. (The latter is not a requisite, but we usually try to have sit-down chat with a couple of candidates before making a decision.)
As mentioned above, there are currently three guys living in the apartment. We are in the 27-34 range and each of us are pretty mobile during the summer. Any potential meetups or skype-calls will be scheduled during the afternoons/evenings between the 26th 29th of June. Replies to the ad are gladly received in Spanish, Swedish or English.


Lägenheten är redan borttagen från hyresvärdens hemsida.

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