Monbijougatan 12

Lägenhet: 3 rum och kök. Redan uthyrd.
Adress: Monbijougatan 12, Malmö


3500 kr

Antal rum:

3 RoK


74 m2


Your room in Möllan
Hello dear cool future flatmate,

Your room is one of two bedrooms of a lovely flat in central Malmö, Möllan; and it is yours from 1st of March.

The flat is simply awesome! It has a nice semi-bohemian atmosphere, and it is gradually getting improved with some cool art.

You will besides possess full access rights to a spacious kitchen, a warm living-room and a boring bathroom (cf. pictures). There is even a walk-in closet which will be mostly at your service. It only takes 8 mins walk to Triangel station (acc. to google map) and 1 mins run to top 5 best bars/pubs in Malmö (acc. to me). Your next home will be in the most fun, creative and colourful area you can get in modest little Malmö, surrounded by hipster cafés, pretentious art galleries and pseudo-authentic restaurants (and, I suspect, an illegal casino across the street).

Your room is not so terrific as the flat though, it provides only 8 m2 of living-space. The bright-side is, it is furnished and it faces to the inner-garden, so you can avoid the rather loud declarations of teenage-intoxication at the weekends . This unique opportunity is going to drain monthly 3500 SEK from your bank-account. But hey! it is including the bills (wi-fi, water, electricity, heating).

You are 25+, hopefully not an unlucky 9-5 worker (i am a night owl). You are a not-yet-discovered artist or a promising researcher (or maybe, maybe a student). Your friends describe you as easy going, fun-loving, smart and laid-back, and your former flatmates acknowledged the fact that you had the required minimum energy to do the dishes.

I am a PhD student in Helsingborg, conducting video-research on shopping, native in Turkish, proficient in English and confident in Swedish (only when i m in the mood). Studied sociology and theatre studies in Turkey and migration and ethnology in Sweden. I was a part of a theatre group and acting back in the days for many years, although i m now into filmmaking. I play also cajon and darbuka when i m bored (spoiler-alert). Moreover, I dance lindy hop when I am sober, and other spooky dances when i m not. I appreciate that we have our own separate time-spaces , nevertheless some sociality is a human-need (even in north).

Looking forward to know more about you and I ll show your room and the flat in the second week of February.


Lägenheten är redan borttagen från hyresvärdens hemsida.

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