Kungliga Slottet 1

Lägenhet: 1 rum och kök. Redan uthyrd.
Adress: Kungliga Slottet 1, Stockholm
Hyrdes ut: 2016-04-01


20000 kr

Antal rum:

1 RoK


50 m2


Hello Stockholm,

it is time to "dryga ut kassan" and at the same time do a good thing for Sweden.
So from the first of April we will start renting out rooms in our beloved Castle will (long-term of course, no Hotel business here).

We have a couple of rooms 1430 (and around 42000 square meters), as you may know, but we think a lot of people want to live in a castle - so "först till kvarn" as we say in Sweden.

Lägenheten är redan borttagen från hyresvärdens hemsida.

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