Lägenhet: 1 rum och kök. Redan uthyrd.
Adress: Flogstavägen, Uppsala


2400 kr

Antal rum:

1 RoK


8 m2


Flatmate wanted
Me and my flatmate will soon be moving into an apartment with an extra spare room which is to be rent out for 2400kr/month.
Included in the rent is
(i) an un-furnished decently sized room (8m2/85sqft ,
(ii) complete access to all the shared spaces (living room, balcony, kitchen, etc), and of course (iii) our company ;-).
In addition, there's a monthly utilities bill that we split three ways (normally 100kr/person/month).
The room will be available from the 1st of June so the date for moving in should ideally be anywhere between then and the beginning of July.
Please note that only long term renters will be considered, i.e. vacation renters and short term tenants should look elsewhere.
Also, one months rent will be required as a deposition which will be returned when moving out.
The place is situated in Flogsta, more specifically in "kvarteret Hamberg" aka Flogsta "låg hus".
EBC/Blåsenhus, Centrum, BMC and Ångström are all about 13, 15, 16 and 20 minutes, respectively, away by bike.
A grocery store, ICA väst, is a 5min walk away and the bussstop (#2 & #41) that takes you into town is literally 30sek from the apartment.

As a potential flatmate, you should ideally satisfy the following criteria:
(i) You should be financially stable and have some kind of verification which tells me that you'll be able to present the rent.
(ii) You're a calm, reasonable and mature person with substance who does not take irrelevant transient things seriously, preferably a M.Sc/PhD student, Postdoc, etc.
(iii) You should absolutely despise the sight of dirty dishes as well as have "clean-freak tendencies".
The law of the land in my place is "if you're not in the kitchen then your dishes are washed and in the cupboard." This applies to all three of us.
(iv) Most importantly, you should not be boring. A person that's social and knows no limits for what constitutes appropriate talking subjects is preferred, not a hermit that has taken a vow of silence with a head filled with platitudes.

About ourselves:
I'm Mohammed and I'm a 3rd year student in the Molecular Biotechnology M.Sc programme with a background in physics and applied math. I spend most of my time at UU studying but when my head isn't under a pile of books I relax by playing the piano or the guitar. Currently, my main odd interest is reading through the Iliad and the Odyssey. I'm vegetarian, a proud clean freak and drink tea to the degree of it being an addiction.

I'm Noric, 25 years old and I come from France. I have a master's in CS, and am currently looking for a job and learning mathematics I'll probably never use. I am interested in music, books, movies, photography and programming. I like walking and running in the woods.
I also organise every week a language evening called Uppsalingo, where I learn Swedish and teach French. I'm also vegetarian and I enjoy learning new things and I can talk about basically anything, except astrology and card games.

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