Flogstavägen 59d

Lägenhet: 4 rum och kök. Redan uthyrd.
Adress: Flogstavägen 59d, Uppsala


2000 kr

Antal rum:

4 RoK


70 m2


Är du vår nya lägenhetsmedlem?
We share a 4 room flat in Flogsta låghus (Hamberg) and we're currently looking for that special someone to move in to our little commune.

About us:
We are three easy going friends who love music, art, adventures in nature and fun in general. We all play in bands and theres usually a fair amount of noise in this home. If you play an instrument you're extra welcome to write to us! Ellinor is a landscape architect who plays in the band Odd Pages, dances lindy hop, loves drawing, swing music, psychedelic rock and wants to save the world from shit like climate change and biodiversity loss. Claes is a renewable energy engineer master student, singer, guitarist and small-business-owner who is passionate about making music (mostly through the band Three Musky Tears). Olof is a landscape architecture student and drummer (in Three Musky Tears and Atlantic Francis) who's into outdoor life, dancing, birdwatching, hip hop and music making in general.

About the flat:
It's a fairly social home and we like to cook vegetarian food for eachother a few nights a week, but everyones pretty busy so it's usually not crowded at home. We like to party but its not a party house. We're all from Stockholm but you can come from anywhere. It's a nice apartment 4 km from the city center, about 15 min by bike or bus from Resecentrum. Just next to the nature reserve Hågadalen. Smoke free place and we all help out to keep it clean and tidy. Three small bedrooms (Elli and Claes share one, Olof has one, you'll get one) and a livingroom, a kitchen, a newly renovated bathroom and a balcony (with morning sun!) to share.

We're looking for someone who preferes to live in a shared flat, so if you just want a cheap room this is not the place for you. If this sounds interesting, write to us and tell us about yourself!

Olof, Claes and Elli

Lägenheten är redan borttagen från hyresvärdens hemsida.

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